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Integrating Claspo with SendGrid
Integrating Claspo with SendGrid

Steps to integrate SendGrid account to export data from Claspo

Written by Vitalii Shumilov
Updated over a week ago

In Claspo you can integrate with your existing SendGrid account to use the capabilities provided by both apps.

When creating a new widget, the Integration step suggests adding a new integration. Proceed as follows:

  1. Click Add integration.

  2. Select SendGrid from the list of apps.

    A window with the API key field opens.

  3. Log in to your SendGrid account, go to Settings -> API Keys and click the Create API Key button.

  4. Enter the API key name, select Restricted access and set Full Access for Marketing in Access Details. Click the Create and view button.

  5. Copy the generated key to the clipboard.

  6. In Claspo, paste the SendGrid API key in the API key field of the New SendGrid integration window and click Save.

  7. Select the appropriate list for new subscribers from the dropdown list.

  8. Select the Field mapping fields from the dropdown lists.

    Note: The Email field is required.

  9. Add the static field values and the corresponding SendGrid field names from the dropdown list.

  10. Add more static fields as required by clicking Add static fields, then click Done.

Your SendGrid account is now integrated with Claspo. The user data from the Claspo widget are automatically transferred to the specified SendGrid list.

You can edit the SendGrid configuration at any time.


The subscription proceeds with a single opt-in confirmation by default.

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