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Integrating Claspo with Pipedrive
Integrating Claspo with Pipedrive

Steps to integrate with the Pipedrive account to export data from Claspo

Written by Vitalii Shumilov
Updated over a week ago

In Claspo, you can integrate with your existing Pipedrive account to use the capabilities provided by both apps.

Getting the Pipedrive API key

  1. Log in to your Pipedrive account, go to your profile β†’ Personal preferences.

  2. Select the API tab and click Copy.

    Copying API key in Pipedrive

Adding the Pipedrive integration in Claspo

When creating a new widget, the Integration step suggests adding a new integration. Proceed as follows:

  1. Click Add integration.

    Adding new integration to a widget
  2. Select Pipedrive from the list of apps.

    Selecting Pipedrive from the integration options

    The 'New Pipedrive integration' window opens.

  3. Paste your Pipedrive API key in the API key field of the 'New Pipedrive integration' window and click Save.

    Adding the Pipedrive API key

  4. If you want to create a deal and associate it with the contact, enable the Create deal option and select the deal title from the dropdown list. The value of the selected component is used as the deal name.

    Enabling the Create Deal option
  5. Select the list for new subscribers from the dropdown list.

    Selecting the list for new subscribers

    These are the lists in Contacts β†’ Organizations in the Pipedrive account.

    Finding organizations in Pipedrive

  6. Select the Field mapping fields from the dropdown lists. The Name field is required (you have to add it in your Claspo widget).

Selecting the Field mapping options

The Field mapping contains two types of fields:

  • Widget fields. Those are the contact fields you add when editing a Claspo template. For example, email, first name, last name, phone.

  • System fields. Those are the fields depending on the site where a widget is displayed. For example, site language, browser, operating system, and device.

Note: The custom field passing is not supported yet.

Your Pipedrive account is now integrated with Claspo and user data from the widget are automatically transferred to the specified Pipedrive list.

You can edit the Pipedrive configuration at any time.

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