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Installing Claspo script on Wix websites
Installing Claspo script on Wix websites

Learn how to install the Claspo script using Google Tag Manager (GTM) on your websites created in Wix

Written by Vitalii Shumilov
Updated over a week ago

There are two steps to install the Claspo script on your Wix websites:

  1. Adding the Claspo script to a tag in GTM.

  2. Add GTM tag to Wix.

After that, you can add Wix domains to Claspo and publish Claspo widgets on the websites created in Wix.

Adding the Claspo script to a tag in GTM

To add the Claspo script to a tag in GTM:

  1. In Claspo, select the ScriptInstall Script and click Copy code in the Custom site section.

  2. In your GTM container, select Tags and then New.

  3. Enter the tag’s name and select Tag Configuration.

  4. Select Custom HTML from the list of the tag types.

  5. Paste the Claspo script in the HTML field.

  6. Select Triggering.

  7. In the Choose a trigger window, select the trigger from the list. For example, select All Pages if you want to show Claspo widgets on all pages.

  8. Select Save.

Read Google Help Center instructions for more information about setting up and installing Tag Manager.

Integrating GTM with Wix

  1. In your Wix account, select Settings in the left-hand side menu, scroll down, and click Marketing Integrations.

  2. Select Connect in the Google Tag Manager tile.

  3. Select the Add Google Tag Manager button.

  4. In the popup window, enter your GTM ID and then select Save.

    A confirmation message appears for a while, and the Google Tag Manager tile displays the Connected mark.

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