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Integrating Claspo with Zoho CRM
Integrating Claspo with Zoho CRM

In Claspo you can integrate with your Zoho CRM account to collect leads and import them to Zoho CRM

Written by Vitalii Shumilov
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Adding Zoho CRM integration in Claspo

Claspo allows you to collect contacts, deals, and leads and export them to your Zoho CRM.

When creating a new widget, the Integration step suggests adding a new integration. Proceed as follows:

  1. Click Add integration.

  2. Select Zoho CRM from the list of apps.

    The Zoho Sign in pop-up opens.

  3. Enter your email address or mobile number in the field and click Next.

  4. Enter your Zoho account password and click Sign in.

  5. Click the Accept button to give Claspo permission to access the data in your Zoho CRM account.

    - The Zoho access permission does not expire and remains valid unless you revoke it.
    - If you experience authorization issues, click Reauthorize beside the Zoho CRM icon on the integration page and repeat the authorization process.

  6. Expand the Module dropdown menu and select one of the modules:
    - Contacts
    - Deals
    - Leads

    Module Dropdown Menu
  7. Select the Field mapping fields from the dropdown lists.

    NOTE: The last_name field is required. Add the Last Name field to your widget when editing its appearance.

    The Field mapping contains two types of fields:
    - Widget fields. Those are the contact fields you add when editing a Claspo template. For example, email, first name, last name, phone.
    - System fields. Those are the fields depending on the site where a widget is displayed. For example, site language, browser, operating system, device.

  8. Enter the static field values and select the corresponding field names in Zoho from the dropdown list.
    The static fields are the same for all the customers who subscribed using this widget.

  9. Add more static fields as required by clicking Add static fields, then click Done.

    The Zoho integration adds to your widget.

Adding Zoho integration to existing widgets

To add the Zoho integration to the existing widgets in Claspo:

  1. On the Claspo dashboard, click Widgets on the left panel and select a Subscription form from the list.

  2. In the Widget details, select Integrations.

  3. Follow all the steps described in the Adding Zoho CRM integration in Claspo section.

You can edit the integration configuration for Zoho CRM at any time.

Your Zoho CRM account is now integrated with Claspo and the customer data from the widgets will be automatically transferred to the Zoho CRM Leads.

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