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Collecting and transferring user geolocation
Collecting and transferring user geolocation

Learn how to collect user geolocation data and transfer it to external services

Written by Vitalii Shumilov
Updated over a week ago

When visitors interact with Claspo widgets on your site, our system collects the following data on their geographic location:

  • Country code

  • Country

  • City

Claspo obtains site visitors’ geographic location from the IP of their connected device.

You can integrate the Claspo widget with an external service to collect and transfer user geolocation values using one of the following methods:

  • Transferring to system fields.

  • Transferring to custom fields.

  • Enabling corresponding slide buttons in the app integration window.

For some external services, you can set up field mapping when integrating the widget in Claspo.

To make sure that the required geolocation fields appear in the integration window, you have to check if the system fields exist in the integrated service. If no system fields exist, you have to create the required custom fields. Refer to the documentation of the corresponding integrated service to learn about its system or custom fields.

For some integrated services, the integration window provides controls for sending geolocation data. You can enable all necessary toggle buttons or only the required ones.

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